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Columbus AMEDAS Protective / Waterproof Spray for Leather Bag Made in Japan

Regular price $17.90

Useful for all types of smooth and suede leather as well as canvas, artificial leather, etc
Can be used on any color because it is neutral.
AMEDAS protects handbags or shoes from water, oily dirts, dusts, etc.

The contents are under pressure containing flammable chemicals. Please read the following carefully.
1. Do not use against or near fire.
2. Do not use near a naked flame, a heating or cooking appliance, or in a room with a fire.
3. Store and use in a cool place (under 40℃).
4. Do not dispose in fire.
5. When empty, release the gas fully with pushing the button in outdoors without fire, and after this only, throw away.
6. Spray for about 13 seconds for one pair of shoes.